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Everyone who likes blessthefall probably likes Beau the most simply ‘cause he’s the lead singer/frontman. But in my opinion, there’s something about Jared’s screams that complete blessthefall for me.

When I saw them live, the best part was screaming along to Jared, without a care in the world, even if I sucked. People couldn’t hear me ‘cause the music was so loud. :D

When I screamed out his name, he pointed at me and smiled. Made me so happy! After the show, he was standing around the merch tables and I walked up to him, asked him if he remembered me and I hugged him like how I’d hug a friend that I hadn’t seen for ages, lol. He remembered me! It was pretty fucking awesome.

Then later, I asked him for a photo and I instantly stuck out my hand and posed like Matthew Heafy (in the photo below). I saw this photo 5/6 years ago and I thought it looked so fucking cool and I’ve always wanted to pose like that.


Jared thought the claw was awesome and he posed with me. Fucking win! :D


Then later during the week, I had shitty morning and I was filled with so much wrath (lol) and his reply to my tweet made my day a tad bit better! :)


He’s one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. It’s even better ‘cause he’s in a band that I like. :D